Month: June 2018

Types Of Drooping Eyelids: Dermatochalasis And Ptosis


A treatment is sometimes necessary for severely reduced vision or fatigue due to drooping eyelids. You can also opt for an eyelid correction for cosmetic reasons.

Plastic surgery

But that does not completely shut down the shore. There is not much left then to accept your bags, and to know that incredibly many people have them. If you can not see them, then plastic surgery could be a last resort. Velthuis: 'A small incision is made just under the lashes . This gives access to the fat pocket, from which the fat can be removed. If the shore consists of excess skin, it will be removed.


A circle receives an opposite treatment: 'Because something is missing here, which makes the skin translucent, we inject Restylane into these places. None of these treatments are reimbursed. Surgical removal of the fat gives a permanent improvement. Excess skin gradually increases with age. A remedy like Restylane will last for about 1- 1½ years. '

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